Tuesday 23 February 2016

What is new in GCDkit 4.1 (Chlopskie jadlo)?

On 10 February has been released a new version of GCDkit. Apart from numerous bug fixes, and a great deal of editing to enable running the GCDkit scripts in a batch mode, it brings several new features. Arguably the most interesting include: 
Switching between datasets
  • Datasets can be stored using the function pokeDataset. Or it is done automatically, like for data freshly loaded into the system using the functions loadData and accessVar. Technically they always become components of a list WRCube.
  • Later, the previous datasets can be restored by functions peekDataset or selectDataset.
  • The WRCube can be cleared anytime using the function purgeDatasets; only the most recent copy of the current dataset survives this operation.
  • Function selectAll has been completely rewritten using the dataset switching, i.e. backup copy of data  stored in the WRCube. Variables WR.bak,WRanh.bak,milli.bak and labels.bak are thus not needed anymore.
  • New function figOverplot allows overplotting a reference dataset onto any Figaro-compatible binary plots, ternary plots, or spiderplots. The reference dataset, stored in an arbitrary global variable, can contain either real-world data or a numeric matrix  spanning from petrogenetic modelling.
Futher important changes
  • figCex, plateCex accept now the value NA (no quotes) that means no plotting  of symbols (most useful on spiderplots if only lines are desired).
  • figAddReservoirs checked and reprogrammed; it newly does work for ternary plots,  and is Figaro-compatible for binaries, ternaries and spiders. It also includes a lot of new arguments, mainly plotting parameters.
  • New functions oxide2ppm and ppm2oxide to recast wt.% of the given oxide to ppm of cations
  • Platform-independent functions tk_winDialog and tk_winDialogString written in Tcl/Tk.
  • calcCore does not require global variables anymore, but can use also those from the parental environment.
  • accessVar does not utilize Windows clipboard to transfer data into variables WR and labels anymore

We trust that you will find this new release useful and reasonably stable.

Good luck, Vojtech