Sunday, 21 July 2013

Installing GCDkit

Two important point to note – the source of a great many complains :

1) You must install R before installing GCDkit. I repeat – you must install R before GCDkit.

You must install R before GCDkit.

(if you don’t, GCDkit will not start properly and complain about not finding the R Gui file etc.)

(in fact it is possible, but you then need to manually load GCDkit with library(GCDkit), but most regular users will not want to go that route).

2) With the current version of GCDkit (GCDkit 3.0), you must use R2.13.1. Again : you must use R 2.13.1

If you don’t, it’s very likely that GCDkit will not work. Also, note that the current version of R is 2.15.1 at the time of writing; so if you want version 2.13, you will need to look for it on CRAN website.

Sometimes, the simplest information is the most overlooked...


  1. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to the people who created the CGDKit.
    I am a PhD student in Portugal and I'm finishing the thesis. I got great help from you who have worked to help us through your program.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    The existence of people like you increases our faith in humanity.

    Maria Areias

  2. Does anyone have any idea why I get these messages before program not opening?

    "Error reading the GCDkit config file! Saving a new file with default values..."
    "Error reading the GCDkit config file! Sticking to defaults..."

    Any help will appreciated.


    Mario Trotta

    1. This happens when R can't find the config file (, or when the working directory specified in this file is not valid. It sticks in both cases to defaults, so no harm at all. You probably have to restart GCDkit to be able to edit the config file from within the program.

      This happens usually when you move the R directory to different address, typically when migrating between computers.

      If you see the warning each time you start I guess the problem is with writing permissions. We would be happy to hear more details in this case.

      Sorry for late reply...

    2. Dear Mr. Erban, please see my message to Mr. Janousek with solution:,

      Thank you again, it worked out fine!!! It seems like that I’ve had to delete manually all remaining R folders like that installed straight into C:\, not only those erased during uninstalling. Besides that I optioned to install R straight into C:\ and also as an administrator, both for R and GCD.
      I’m deeply grateful for your kind help.

    3. I have the same problem but it wouldn't change.. I don't know if there is a problem with some kind of protection in the computer or something..

  3. Hi Marcos, have you tried to uninstall and reinstall? In my case I guess the problem was with remnants of R in my computer after uninstalling, so I had to delete manually all folders related to R.
    Let me know if that helped. Regards,

  4. Anyone know where to download r R2.13.1.? The current version fdoes not work with gcdkit and I can't get pass this I am using windows 7 pro 64bit and I would also like to know if people were able to used it.
    Thank you

  5. Dear Ana,
    have you tried the link shown in GCDkit home page?

    FYI, GCDkit running with current R will be released shortly, probably in early autumn.

    Best wishes, Vojtech

  6. hi, I have the same type of error " error reading the gcdkit config file saving a new file". I have tried to uninstall and install again each sowftware but nothing. How can I do?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Lorenzo, Ana and others, we have been aware of the problem, but we hope that the current version, 4.0 (just out on the weekend) should behave better during installation. Just make sure that you follow the instructions closely, gain the administrator rights and obtain the appropriate version of R (3.2.1) beforehand. Vojtech

  7. Hi
    i am not able to start the gcdkit Setup....r Version 3.2.1. is installed.
    does anyone else have this Problem?
    Thank you

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. My computer has windous 10.
    I uninstalled the gcdKit 3.0 to R2.13 to install the newest version.
    The R3.2 installed without problems, but I can not install gcdKit 4.1.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you

  10. Helo, I can not install gcdKit in Windows 10. I am following the directions and I installed R but something isn't working for gcdKit... What can I do?

    Thanks much

  11. Dear Ana Maria and others,
    There are indeed problems with the GCDkit installer under Win 10, due to a change of Microsoft's security policy. For detailed description and proposed remedy, see

    I trust that this helps.


    1. My GCDKIT 2016 version) stopped working. I have uninstalled R and GCDKIT and installed GCDKIT 3.0. It worked. Now, the same problem arises again. It does not work and tells me that There is some ODBC problem...:
      Excel file...loading...
      Error in sqlTables(channel) : first argument is not an open RODBC channel
      File reading error

    2. Does anyone know how can I fix it?
      Shuld I change my windows version (I use windows 2007)

    3. Dears !!!!

      Save the excel file as 93-2003 workbook ;)

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