Sunday 3 March 2019

GCDkit not starting on Chinese locales?

Several users from China have reported problems with running GCDkit 5.0.

The troublemaker is the newly introduced Eartchem module, as already mentioned here: 

The problem is clearly with multibyte encoding of Chinese characters. But the bug may be also affecting the users on other locales/systems, including Mac.

The fix is relatively simple, though. Please, in the line 216 of the EarthChemFUN.r file, replace the text by:

if(.Platform$OS.type=="windows") zzz[zzz==intToUtf8(0x00c2)]<-NA

and restart GCDkit.

Please accept my apologies. The next version of GCDkit (6.0), now at the stage of beta testing, will have this problem solved.


Special thanks go to Jiacheng Tian and Shi-Chao Li for their helpful bug reports and patience.

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